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Yökylä / Sleepover – Circus Performance

Sat 23.3.2024 at 13:00 - 14:00
Kaivolan koulun liikuntasali, Passintie 8, Pertteli

Yökylä – Sleepover is a contemporary circus performance for the whole family. This humorous and appropriately thrilling show is a story created by three circus artists about friendship, dreams, and the power of imagination.

The piece focuses on the familiar childhood situation of sleepovers. Almost everyone has stayed overnight in an unfamiliar environment with friends. In these situations, bedtime routines are stretched and the boundaries set by rules become blurred. Thus, an ordinary bedroom can transform into an amusement park, a spaceship, or even a monster-filled forest through the power of imagination.

The performance offers the audience an interpretation of an everyday situation, which the virtuosity of the circus artists turns into an astonishing experience!

Performers: TipTop Walkers

Free admission.

The show is part of the Children’s Culture March theme month in Salo.

Image: Riku Leväaho

Updated 19.2.2024
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