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Wiurilan kesä Studio Exhibition – Erik Creutziger, Kim Jotuni, Kreetta Järvenpää, Jenni Vakkilainen

14.6. - 25.8.2024
Wiurila manor`s exhibiton spaces Kaariholvin Galleria/Galleria Pääsky
This event has taken accessibility partially in account.
Wiurilan kesä logo and painting of a woman
Eric Creutziger, Misantroopin takapiha
Kim Jotuni, The End Of The Party
Kreetta Järvenpää, Sideshow III
Jenni Vakkilainen, Sweet Kisses

Wiurilan kesä Studio Exhibition – Erik Creutziger, Kim Jotuni, Kreetta Järvenpää, Jenni Vakkilainen

Welcome to the Studio Exhibition!

The first ever Wiurilan kesä Studio Exhibition will start on June 14, 2024.

The artists of the exhibition are visual artist Erik Creutziger (Helsinki), sculptor and visual artist Kim Jotuni (Järvenpää), artist and photographer Kreetta Järvenpää (Helsinki), and visual artist Jenni Vakkilainen (Porvoo).

The upcoming summer exhibition emphasizes joy, humor, and lightness. Growth, maturity, flourishing, and drying follow both the course of summer and the stages of life. Each of the artists is also a storyteller, whose language follows its own unique path and forms streams of thoughts and fragments that the viewer can complement by pausing at the art. The artists’ works form a thematically and technically supportive diverse whole. The artists were invited to the exhibition according to the curators’ wishes, and there was no public call for submissions for the Studio Exhibition.

In Jenni Vakkilainen’s works, playfulness, sensitivity, and joy create a diverse painterly quality. Vakkilainen works freely and in layers, creating spatial and breathing worlds in her works. By sensitizing herself to observe the impact of surface, material, and color on each other, the paintings are built into abstract maps, tableaux, and tags.

Erik Creutziger is working on a painting series called “The Hedonist’s Backyard.” Behind the colorful series of works is the idea of hidden pleasures or some kind of secret life. The paintings create an atmosphere in which time and reality levels blend together. Seen, experienced, and fantasy blend together; the human in the landscape is both present in the events and absent and elusive figure. Form and materiality break down into swirling colors and timelessness.

Also for Kreetta Järvenpää, Art, forms, and moods are essential. Järvenpää’s works originate from the flower still life paintings of Dutch artists from the 17th century to the present day. The symbolic value of flowers is nuanced and diverse – their life cycle captured in photographs, from blooming to withering and drying, is full of reflections on the human life cycle as well.

Kim Jotuni is interested in the hidden structures, repetition, and dialogue between order and chaos in nature. Often, tree trunks reveal creatures resembling human figures, with something familiar yet strange and disturbing. Jotuni has a strong expertise in traditional sculpting techniques, especially wood carving. In recent years, Jotuni has increasingly incorporated 3D modeling and soundscapes into his art. They are tools of the trade, just like chisels and chainsaws. Tools are instruments of thought that guide imagination and expression.

Wiurilan kesä

Starting from 2024, the group exhibition activities of assosiation Wiurilan kesä Contemporary will become biennial. Every other year, starting from the upcoming summer, Studio Exhibitions by 1-5 contemporary artists curated by Wiurilan kesä will be presented in the premises of Kaariholvi Gallery and Pääsky Gallery. The galleries Kaariholvi and Pääsky are located in the manor´s magnificent outbuildings designed by C.G. Engel.

In the future, a comprehensive curated biennial exhibition will be organized alternately with the Studio Exhibition, next taking place in the summer of 2025. During the biennial years, the exhibition spaces will be located in the center of the manor courtyard, including Viljamakasiini, Kaariholvi, Pääsky Gallery, Avaingalleria, Galleria Johannes, Galleria Hotelli, and the extensive park area of the manor.

In addition, visitors can explore the Wiurila manor’s Home and carriage museum, enjoy the restaurant’s offerings, play golf and padel, engage in outdoor activities, and stay overnight.

We offer free access to an interesting and diverse contemporary art exhibition, as well as the opportunity to explore the history, outbuildings, and surroundings of Wiurila Manor. Wiurila´s Summer invites you to an experience!

14.6.-25.8.2024 at Kaariholvi Gallery and Galleria Pääsky. Open daily from 11am to 6pm, (closed during Midsummer 21.-23.6.).

The exhibitions are produced by Wiurilan kesä Contemporary Association.
Production supported by Wiurila Manor and the Cultural Services of the City of Salo.
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Updated 16.5.2024
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