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SILLA & Mekhan- Indie Night | SaloJazz Live

Fri 17.5.2024 at 20:00 - 21:00
Restaurant Musine
A group of people standing on rocks at a coast

SILLA & Mekhan
Fri 17.5. at 8 p.m
Restaurant Musine, Horninkatu 17
Free entry

The evening presents two new ensembles, which include professional music students from Salo.

SILLA collects moments, memories and encounters – new and old. The stories are rich in emotion and the melodies that tell them take the listener on an unforgettable journey.

SILLA tells a story about the different stages of life – sad, difficult and also the pressures that life brings. However, the journey is not only rocky, because there is also a lot of joy and love in the production. Musically, the broad ensemble brings the viewer influences from different genres, such as jazz, folk and instrumental music.

Silla Pöyry, vocals
Tigo Nguyen, piano
Aukasti Harju, guitar
Jere Isberg, bass
Veikka Kajamies, drums
Tuuli Jaarinen, violin, vocals

Six-piece Mekhan plays fresh Finnish-language music that combines indie-folk and pop-rock with expressive lyrics. Creating strong moods and conveying them to the listener is at the center of the music created together.

Wiljami Miettunen, vocals, guitar, violin
Adel Mekhane, vocals, guitar
Saku Nikkanen, keyboards, vocals
Aapo Kokko, guitar
Matti Korhonen, bass
Santeri Saari, drums

Mekhan – Reykjavik
Mekhan – Ahtee

The concert is free of age-restriction until 9 p.m.
Free entry, tips for performers are encouraged!
In cooperation with Restaurant Musine, the city of Salo.

Musine is located on the second floor, which is only accessible by stairs.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes.

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Updated 11.3.2024
Salo Jazz
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Horninkatu 17, 24100 Salo