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Odes to Hanging Meat

Sat 23.3.2024 at 18:00 - 19:00
Salon Teatteri, Annankatu 10
This event has taken accessibility partially in account.

Odes to Hanging Meat

is an unapologetic portrayal of the lives of two women.

The performance is based on Kristiina Ketola-Orava’s poetry book of the same name. The performance cleverly and with a twinkle in the eye explores femininity, identity, and our ever-changing bodies. The poetry book begins with the words: A dream of an ode. That someone would also sing to hanging meat, and we sing.

The performance takes us on a journey into femininity, humanity, and compassion without avoiding or removing anything. Odes to Hanging Meat sings a hymn to the tender yet resilient, experienced yet capable flesh. Traces in Pampers, Libresse, and Tena – life in between. How do we change over time and how do we think of ourselves?

​Recommended age limit: 18+

​Performances at Annankatu 10, Salo. The performance can also be booked elsewhere!

Tickets 20€ each

Original work: Kristiina Ketola-Orava

Script: Mia Kuisma

Actors: Marjukka Paajolahti-Halme and Mia Kuisma

Updated 13.2.2024
Salon Teatteri
044 0316055
Annankatu 10, 24240 Salo
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