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Cossack dance and songs with Gutsulia emsemble

Sun 18.2.2024 at 14:00 - 15:00
Kulttuuritila Näkkäri

The Ukrainian dance and song ensemble Gutsulia visits cultural space Näkkäri on Sunday, February 18, 2024 at 2 p.m. Gutsulia offers to the public dazzling and expressive movements, virtuoso jumps, lightning-quick turns and unparalleled changes in dance dynamics – an unique union of color, energy and artistry!

Tickets 15/10/0€, free entry with a Näkkäri card borrowed from the main library. You can buy a ticket in advance from the online store of the city of Salo, or pay on the spot with a card payment.

About Gutsulia

The Ukrainian national dance and song group Gutsulia is a professional art group founded in 1939 in Stanislawow (now Ivano-Frankivsk). This is not only one of the most famous singing and dancing groups in Ukraine, but also the only group in the country that has organized more than 12,000 concerts during its artistic activity. They have successfully toured the world in Canada, Greece, Italy, Poland, Austria, Germany, France and many other countries to standing ovations.

The splendor of costumes in cossack dances

The group’s repertoire is very versatile and is based on Ukrainian folk dance. The group’s concert program presents Ukrainian folk dances from different regions of Ukraine. Bukovina and Volhynia dances turn into Cossack competitions full of various tricks. The smooth and synchronously polished movements of the lyrical female dance compositions reflect the traditions of Central and Eastern Ukraine.

A separate part of the concert program is the dances of the Gutsulian region of Western Ukraine located in the Carpathian Mountains (the Gutsulians are an East Slavic ethnic group living mainly in the Carpathian mountain region of Ukraine). The group’s performance has a whole palette of gutsuli’s choreographic and vocal heritage.

Every dance in the ensemble’s repertoire is full of fantastic tricks, movements polished to the smallest detail and luxurious costumes. The costumes of the artists are not just stage costumes, but real works of folk art that amaze the viewer’s imagination with splendor, exquisite hand embroidery, and wood and metal designs.

Ukrainian songs with Larysa Borysenko

A colorful addition to Gutsulia’s dance program is the performance of singer Larysa Borysenko. His repertoire includes well-known Ukrainian songs. Larysa Borysenko is above all a creative person and a professional singer. His performance skills and artistic talent will captivate listeners with their authenticity and his amazing voice will have them showing their approval from the floor.

The concert is created in cooperation between Cultural services of city of Salo and the Ukrainian International Cultural Center.

Updated 13.2.2024
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