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The Wishing Tree performance for children in Muurla

Sat 2.3.2024 at 11:00 - 12:00
Muurlan koulu, Robintie 30, Muurla

What makes us happy?

Clown-like characters, meticulous Meri and carefree Tuuli, observe the world through dance and playfulness. The giant cardboard puzzle is constantly changing and eventually helps the friends figure out what makes them happy.

After the performance, a workshop will be held, culminating in the construction of a Wishing Tree together.

The target audience for the performance is children and adults – anyone interested in taking care of our planet together. The performance is suitable for everyone from about 4 years old.

The performance takes place in the Muurla school hall and admission is free!

Dramaturgy: Crew
Direction: Sarika Lipasti
Choreography: Sirje Laukkanen-Garza
Object Theater: Pauliina Vesslin
Visualization: Keanne van de Kreeke and Andrea Vannucchi
Performers: Sirje Laukkanen-Garza and Pauliina Vesslin
Music and soundscapes: Lau Nau (Laura Naukkarinen)
Photographs: Andrea Vannucchi
Production: Nurinpäin kollektiivi 2021

Duration: approx. 45 min + workshop
Language: non-verbal
Age recommendation: 4+

The performance is part of the Aura of Puppets goes Archipelago II project and the Salon Children’s Culture March program

Updated 13.2.2024
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