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Tango Escape

Sun 21.4.2024 at 16:00 - 17:00
Kulttuuritalo Kiva, Horninkatu 21
Tango Escape mainoskuva - kuvassa tangotanssija ja teksti: Pulupolssi kollektiivi esittää: Tango Escape

Tango Escape is a dance piece accompanied by Argentine tango music. The story revolves around the main character Terhi Jänis (dancer Sirje Laukkanen-Garza) who leaves organized society and seeks new patterns. There is substance to this bold decision, as Terhi knows exactly what she wants. Or at least she thinks she does. The piece explores the power of habit, resistance to change, and the search for one’s own dream.

The music is provided by the trio led by bandoneon artist Henrik Sandås. The music selection includes both Astor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo and more traditional Argentine tango and waltz. Antti Heerman, Henrik Sandås, and Olli Rantala are virtuosos who master multiple genres of music. Henrik Sandås, who plays the bandoneon, a relative of the accordion, has toured Finland and Europe as a soloist with symphony orchestras and as a core member of Quartet Ajaton and several tango nuevo ensembles. Antti Heerman is a remarkably versatile violinist and a founding member of the Otra Vez quintet, equally at home in tango, jazz, and classical violin music. Olli Rantala, a bass artist based in Gothenburg, has performed extensively with pianist Kari Ikonen’s trio and the ethnofusion ensemble Tsuumi Sound System, among others.

Dance-wise, the piece, performed by six dancers, moves on the border between Argentine tango and contemporary dance. The contemporary dance choreographies draw inspiration from the movement language of tango, and at times the dance transforms into pure Argentine tango. Each tango moves the story forward. Will Terhi find what she is looking for?

Tango Escape offers a spectacular display of dance that confronts multi-layered, passionate, and charged tango music face to face. The piece takes tango seriously but also approaches it with warm humor.


Sirje Laukkanen-Garza
Saara Tuikkala
Emilio Cornejo
Iida Laine
Milla Rauma
Heikki Ilmari


Henrik Sandås, bandoneon
Antti Heerman, violin,
Olli Rantala, double bass


Tickets 35 € (at the door 37 €)
Contact / Group ticket offers +10 people
040 727 1950,

The event is organized by Pulupolssi collective as a team work.
Salon cultural services support the event.

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Updated 13.2.2024
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