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Salo Miniature World exhibition 2024

18.3. - 7.4.2024
Salo Center

Miniature worlds coming back to street view!

Who is peeking out of the tree hole, what is peeking on the windowsill? The popular Miniature World exhibition will be held for the fourth time in 2024!

The miniature worlds will spread as usual in the center of Salo. Explore the lovely miniature worlds with the help of a map! Download the map here or visit the Children’s Culture March theme month website.

The exhibition is part of the Children’s Culture March theme month, which offers diverse sights and experiences for children and families throughout the month. There are participants ranging from professional artists to miniature world enthusiasts of all ages. Cooperation includes, among others, the Salon Art Museum Veturitalli, the Salon Electronics Museum, the Salon Youth Workshop Activities, Walt’s Textile Workshop, the Salon Adult Education Center’s Handicraft School, and the Art School students, as well as the voluntary activities of the MLL of Southwest Finland.

Event image: Ismo Jokiaho´s miniature creatures

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Updated 15.3.2024
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