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Näkkäri`s Children’s Saturday: Hip Hop Hurraa!

Sat 9.3.2024 at 13:00 - 14:00
Kulttuuritila Näkkäri, Ylhäistentie 2

Hiphop is about collaboration and the courage to be oneself. This humorous children’s book, inspired by the hip hop attitude, plays with movement and sentences. Now we are training street credibility on a small scale, and in Raatikko’s guaranteed style, the audience has an active role in the performance. Hip Hop Hurraa! will make you groove regardless of age! Tanssiteatteri Raatikko’s spring 2024 premiere piece, Hip Hop Hurraa!, immerses itself in the world of street dance and lets the rhythms of hip hop take over.

Performers: Ira Wuolle and Johan Högsten
Direction, sound design, and scenography: Jaakko Toivonen
Choreography: Akim Bakhtaoui in collaboration with the performers
Costume design: Elina Tuomisto
Lighting design: Christian Hernberg

Tanssiteatteri Raatikko is a professional dance theater that focuses on children and youth theater. Raatikko was founded in 1972 and is the oldest dance theater in Finland. Raatikko’s works are characterized by the fearless combination of different art forms. Raatikko creates easily approachable, unique, and energetic dance art for children and young people. Raatikko has its own theater space in Vantaa, at Tikkurila Silk Factory. In addition to its own stage, Raatikko regularly performs throughout Finland. Raatikko has approximately 30,000 spectators annually.


regular ticket 10€
family ticket 28€ (max. 4 people)
Assistants and children under 3 years old enter for free.
You can also borrow a Näkkäri card from the main library in Salo, which allows free entry for 2 people.

Recommended age: 3+, duration: 45 min
Language: Finnish

Kulttuuritila Näkkäri is located in connection with the Salo Adult Education Center at Ylhäistentie 2, Salo. The doors to the event open 30 minutes before the start of the event.

The event is produced by the City of Salo, general cultural services.

Tickets available at Tickets can be purchased from the online store of the city of Salo. Tickets are also available for purchase with card payment at the door before the performance.

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Updated 13.2.2024
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