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Mother’s Day celebrations in Rikalanmäki

Sun 12.5.2024 at 11:30 - 19:00
Rikalan Krouvi
This event has taken accessibility fully in account.
Rikalan Krouvi ravintola sisältä

Rikalan Krouvi pampers mothers on Mother’s Day with taste experiences, service, and atmosphere. Come and enjoy a festive lunch!

11.30 – 13.00
14.00 – 15.30 (sold out)
16.30 – 18.30

We congratulate mothers with sparkling wine.

The Mother’s Day seatings are accompanied by Eetu Sadeharju’s music.

Green salad with nettle vinaigrette (V, G)
Asparagus and potato salad with spring onions (V, G)
Cauliflower and pea couscous with tzatziki (L, G)
Early cabbage and radish salad (V, G)
Bean salad from Karviaisten farm (V, G)
Herring and sprat (L, G)
House smoked salmon with mustard seed yogurt (L, G)
Spruce shoot cured salmon (M, G)
Cured whitefish and shrimp tartare from Toivonen’s local fish and roe (L, G)
Grilled chicken from Laaksosen farm with tarragon aioli (M, G)
Beef carpaccio from Saloniemi’s organic meat with wild garlic cream (M, G)
Saloniemi’s farm cheeses, fruits, and cantaloupe (G)
Dill potatoes (L, G)
Breads and spreads (L)

Roasted chicken (Laaksosen farm), gardener’s sauce (M, G)
Tender pork kassler from Vallan, dark chive sauce (L, G)
Spring vegetable casserole (M, G, V)
Pea croquette, mashed early cabbage (V, G)

Meatballs and roasted salmon (L, G)
Mashed potatoes (L, G)

Strawberry rhubarb Brita cake (L)
Raspberry-lime white chocolate cake (V, L, G)
Milk chocolate hazelnut cake (V, L, G)
Vegan chocolate raspberry cake (V, G)
Rhubarb panna cotta (L, G)
Coffee and tea with dessert

Price 52 €/person
children 5–12 years old 18 €
under 4 years old free of charge

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Updated 29.4.2024
Rikalan Krouvi
Rikalantie 74, 24800 Salo