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Hönttis Baby Friday at Ylhäistentie

Fri 1.3.2024 at 11:00 - 11:30
Kansalaisopiston Teatteriluokka, Ylhäistentie 2

Hönttä “Hönttis” Hilpurainen (Anniina Ukkonen) wonders about inflated balloons, different senses, and a diverse and colorful world. In an inclusive baby dance session, the sympathetic masked character Hönttis encourages families to seek movement together. Assisting in the dance session is theater expression instructor Saara Isola. Recommended age 3 months to 12 months.


10€ adult + baby

Additional information:

Vauvaperjantait (Baby Fridays) are held at the Theater Classroom of Salon kansalaisopisto, entrance through the main door (Näkkäri entrance). The address is Ylhäistentie 2, Salo.

Tickets and reservations are primarily available from the City of Salo’s online store. The performances also accept the Näkkäri card, which can be borrowed from the main library’s information desk, allowing two people to enter for free. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance or making a reservation through the online store, as the performance can accommodate only about 30 spectators (including babies). If there are any issues with the online store, reservations can be made by email to

The event is produced by the City of Salo, general cultural services. For more information, visit

Updated 13.2.2024
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