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Films and other screenings, spring 2024

12.1. - 26.4.2024

This spring’s film & other screenings series contains for example the documentary about composer Kaija Saariaho, a portrait of Israel’s first female Prime Minister Golda Meir, a close look at the US justice system and presidential elections, and much more! The ballet and opera series will also continue with four performances.

Please note! The dates of the films and performances are the starting dates of the film week (Friday). The film/opera will be shown 2-4 times during the film week starting on that day. The exact dates and times will be announced closer to the date when the entire week’s program is tailored on the Bio-Salo website.

Tickets for quality films are €10, opera and ballet performances are €20 (including coffee during intermission). Changes are possible. In collaboration with Salon Cultural Services and Bio-Kuva J. Mäkilä.

Series of quality films, spring season 2024:

12.1. Echoes of the Universe

Echoes of the Universe – a documentary film about composer Kaija Saariaho, who has made her career in Paris, tells the story of her journey from a shy girl from Helsinki to the world’s most respected contemporary composer. The film is written and directed by Riitta Rask.

26.1. The Crime is Mine

Francois Ozon’s summer hit, which has attracted over a million viewers to theaters in France, is at the same time a clever boulevard comedy, a feminist parody, and an original and politically incorrect farce.

9.2. Golda

Golda is a portrait of a unique woman and leader, Israel’s first and so far only female Prime Minister Golda Meir, portrayed by Oscar-winning Helen Mirren. The film focuses on the difficult duties and decisions that Meir faces while leading Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

23.2. Máhccan – Homecoming

Máhccan – Homecoming is set in the changing world of museums and deals with the repatriation of museum objects. Repatriation refers to the return of cultural heritage to its original owners. In recent years, museums around the world have had to confront their own colonialist burden and consider returning objects taken from oppressed or subjugated peoples, often stolen.

8.3. Dear Mother

Emanuele Crialese, known for directing Terraferma and The Golden Door, partially tackles an autobiographical subject in the film Dear Mother. Its authentic 1970s color palette is vibrant and visually striking. The film operates on multiple levels, and its family idyll is disrupted by relatable problems even in the present day.

22.3. Snowball Effect

Director Punkki wants to find out what happened in Kittilä, a town inhabited by 6,500 people and 12,000 reindeer. How did a young, green feminist from Kauniainen, first hired as the town’s third mayor and then fired, create a snowball effect that shows no signs of stopping? Media circus, trials, and the state’s new law, Lex Kittilä, are just a few consequences of the snowball effect.

5.4. The Last Journey

Tom Harper (Timothy Spall) embarks on a long bus journey from the northernmost part of Scotland to his birthplace on the southern coast of England, Land’s End. Defying the schedules of local buses, his own age, and fate, he does everything in his power to keep the promise he made to his wife. The journey becomes a memorable adventure full of twists and surprises. The Last Journey is a film about love, loss, and human resilience.

19.4. Reality

An intense thriller about a young woman’s gripping and at times absurdly humorous arrest, based on a piece of recent American history, and the film’s dialogue follows the verbatim transcript of an FBI interrogation. The film provides a sharp look at the US justice system, which accused the intelligence

,Expert on Reality Winner leaking government information to the media in a case involving Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Opera and ballet series:

  • 19.1. Operetta PERIOCHLE
  • 16.2. Opera LA BOHEME
  • 15.3. Opera TURANDOT
  • 12.4. Ballet GISELLE
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