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Pelit soimaan –concert by Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho

Sun 21.4.2024 at 15:00 - 17:00
Teatteri PROvinssi Päänäyttämö, Salorankatu 5-7, ovi 3 Astrum keskus

Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho, which has been operating since 1979, offers its traditional spring concert at Teatteri PROvinssi.

On stage, the club’s top lineup, SALONki orchestra, led by Janne Kuusinen, will perform. The vocal soloists of the SALONki orchestra are Lauri Laaksonen, known from the band Lauri & Pehmeät Vävyt, and pop vocal teacher Emmi Raasumaa.

The concert will also feature the senior orchestra led by Tuomas Virtanen and the juniors taught by Anna Schukov, as well as solo performances by individual musicians.

The SALONki orchestra of the Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho has long relied on their arranger Janne Kuusinen’s quirky and delicious visions, which also bring back forgotten gems from the past while still respecting traditions. Humor is strongly present, and there will certainly be aha moments. This is not just any accordion patrol: a first-timer may be pleasantly surprised.


Updated 13.2.2024
Teatteri PROvinssi
Salorankatu 5-7, ovi 3, Astrum Keskus