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Bluesmies concert in Musine

Finland’s strongest, and only, rap n’ roll band Bluesmies is coming to perform a gig in Restaurant Musine!

At the beginning of Easter, the music of Turku’s Bluesmies will be heard from the debut album Chilli Länsi from 2021 and from the new, unreleased album. The music of the band, which plays cool and distinctive rap-rock, unites those who identify with its stories, gritty live sound and good vibes in a way that you don’t experience every day.

Please check out this new and interesting music. The party is guaranteed!

Diners, please make a table reservation in advance:

Tickets available for 10€.

Eve Risser Red Desert Orchestra – Eurythmia

French pianist-composer Eve Risser released the Eurythmia album in 2022 with the 12-piece Red Desert Orchestra. On the album and in live performances, this orchestra founded by Risser consists of nine European musicians and three originally from Burkina Faso currently living in France. The band’s music veers between groove-driven jazz and the hypnotic cadences of West Africa. Sometimes wistful, sometimes furious horn melodies play with catchy polyrhythms shaped by African percussion instruments – djembes, balaphones and baros – challenging the soloists to playful improvisation.

Over the past decade, Risser has successfully led several small and large ensembles, creating contemporary and experimental jazz. One of the world’s most significant jazz festivals, the Dutch North Sea Jazz, annually awards the Paul Acket Award to an artist whose exceptional musical talent deserves wider recognition. An international jury consisting of 100 jazz critics and promoters chooses the winner by vote from among the candidates nominated by the jury. In 2023, the Paul Acket Award was won by Eve Risser. Previous recipients of the award include Cécile McLorin Salvant, Donny McCaslin and Julian Lage.

Eve Risser, piano, compositions (FR)
Alexandra Grimal, alto saxophone (FR)
Sakina Abdou, tenor saxophone (FR)
Grégoire Tirtiaux, baritone saxophone, qarqabas (FR)
Nils Ostendorf, trumpet, analog synthesizer (DE)
Matthias Müller, trombone (DE)
Tatiana Paris, electric guitar, vocals (FR)
Ophélia Hié, balafon, bara, vocals (BF)
Mélissa Hié, balafon, djembé, vocals (BF)
Fanny Lasfargues, bass (FR)
Oumarou Bambara, djembe, bara (BF)
Emmanuel Scarpa, drums, vocals (FR)

Ravintola Musine’s bar serves throughout the concert. The restaurant offers African dishes before the gig. We recommend making a table reservation:

Tickets €31/27 + order fees (from €1.50),
Duration approx. 1 h 15 min, no intermission
Photo: Vera Marmelo – Jazz Em Agosto

The concert is carried out in cooperation with the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), with the Green Pilot Tour tour model, the aim of which is, among other things, to plan and implement more ecologically sustainable tours, to encourage more versatile and gender-balanced programming and to promote the international mobility of artists.

Yökylä / Sleepover – Circus Performance

Yökylä – Sleepover is a contemporary circus performance for the whole family. This humorous and appropriately thrilling show is a story created by three circus artists about friendship, dreams, and the power of imagination.

The piece focuses on the familiar childhood situation of sleepovers. Almost everyone has stayed overnight in an unfamiliar environment with friends. In these situations, bedtime routines are stretched and the boundaries set by rules become blurred. Thus, an ordinary bedroom can transform into an amusement park, a spaceship, or even a monster-filled forest through the power of imagination.

The performance offers the audience an interpretation of an everyday situation, which the virtuosity of the circus artists turns into an astonishing experience!

Performers: TipTop Walkers

Free admission.

The show is part of the Children’s Culture March theme month in Salo.

Image: Riku Leväaho

Tango Escape

Tango Escape is a dance piece accompanied by Argentine tango music. The story revolves around the main character Terhi Jänis (dancer Sirje Laukkanen-Garza) who leaves organized society and seeks new patterns. There is substance to this bold decision, as Terhi knows exactly what she wants. Or at least she thinks she does. The piece explores the power of habit, resistance to change, and the search for one’s own dream.

The music is provided by the trio led by bandoneon artist Henrik Sandås. The music selection includes both Astor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo and more traditional Argentine tango and waltz. Antti Heerman, Henrik Sandås, and Olli Rantala are virtuosos who master multiple genres of music. Henrik Sandås, who plays the bandoneon, a relative of the accordion, has toured Finland and Europe as a soloist with symphony orchestras and as a core member of Quartet Ajaton and several tango nuevo ensembles. Antti Heerman is a remarkably versatile violinist and a founding member of the Otra Vez quintet, equally at home in tango, jazz, and classical violin music. Olli Rantala, a bass artist based in Gothenburg, has performed extensively with pianist Kari Ikonen’s trio and the ethnofusion ensemble Tsuumi Sound System, among others.

Dance-wise, the piece, performed by six dancers, moves on the border between Argentine tango and contemporary dance. The contemporary dance choreographies draw inspiration from the movement language of tango, and at times the dance transforms into pure Argentine tango. Each tango moves the story forward. Will Terhi find what she is looking for?

Tango Escape offers a spectacular display of dance that confronts multi-layered, passionate, and charged tango music face to face. The piece takes tango seriously but also approaches it with warm humor.


Sirje Laukkanen-Garza
Saara Tuikkala
Emilio Cornejo
Iida Laine
Milla Rauma
Heikki Ilmari


Henrik Sandås, bandoneon
Antti Heerman, violin,
Olli Rantala, double bass


Tickets 35 € (at the door 37 €)
Contact / Group ticket offers +10 people
040 727 1950,

The event is organized by Pulupolssi collective as a team work.
Salon cultural services support the event.

Pelit soimaan –concert by Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho

Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho, which has been operating since 1979, offers its traditional spring concert at Teatteri PROvinssi.

On stage, the club’s top lineup, SALONki orchestra, led by Janne Kuusinen, will perform. The vocal soloists of the SALONki orchestra are Lauri Laaksonen, known from the band Lauri & Pehmeät Vävyt, and pop vocal teacher Emmi Raasumaa.

The concert will also feature the senior orchestra led by Tuomas Virtanen and the juniors taught by Anna Schukov, as well as solo performances by individual musicians.

The SALONki orchestra of the Salon Seudun Harmonikkakerho has long relied on their arranger Janne Kuusinen’s quirky and delicious visions, which also bring back forgotten gems from the past while still respecting traditions. Humor is strongly present, and there will certainly be aha moments. This is not just any accordion patrol: a first-timer may be pleasantly surprised.


The table is set – the 60th anniversary concert of Salon Viihdelaulajat

Salon Viihdelaulajat choir organizes two servings of their 60th anniversary concert, where the choir offers the audience diverse and colorful music. There will be songs that have filled stadiums both in Finland and worldwide. The concert is the 215th in the choir’s history, and familiar face Pasi Nikula from Salon Theater will guide us through glimpses of the choir’s history. The choir will be conducted by Roope Pelo and accompanied by the Entertainment Orchestra assembled for this concert.

Salon Viihdelaulajat was founded in January 1964, becoming the first choir in our country specialized in popular music. Mauno Blomqvist and Unto Elomaa were the “fathers” of the choir idea. Blomqvist became the choir conductor and Elomaa the accompanist.

Now it’s time to celebrate. Welcome, the table is set!

From Mood to Mood by Hannu Nikander

Hannu Nikander: From one mood to another at Salon Taiteilijaseuran Gallery from January 30th to March 2nd, 2024

Hannu Nikander moves from one mood to another in his new gallery exhibition, featuring acrylic and oil paintings created over the past two years, with the latest ones from this year. Included are a few oil paintings from the 1980s, from the early stages of Nikander’s career.

The focus of the paintings is on animals. The subjects include wild animals found in the Finnish nature or even further away, as well as domestic pets such as the artist’s dog Ilona, who enjoys spending time in the artist’s studio. Alongside animal subjects set in wintry environments, there are also works depicting the relationship and coexistence between humans and animals. In addition to the new animal and human subjects, there are landscape paintings from four decades ago.

During the exhibition, there will be two artist meetings: on Friday, February 23rd from 12pm to 4pm, and on Saturday, February 24th from 10am to 2pm. Free admission. Welcome!

Salon Taiteilijaseura Artotheque & Gallery
Address: Tehdaskatu 18
Open Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 5pm, Friday from 12pm to 3pm, and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

Family Action Thursday at Perniö Melassuo

Family Action Thursday at Perniö Melassuo on February 22nd at 11-15.

At the pop-up youth center in the sports hall, there will be relaxed activities! The popular bingo game starts at 12 and 14. Inside the hall, there will also be a mystery task, light game, snowman game, and family-friendly self-service sports stations. In addition, you can participate in the Winter Story painting workshop and join in creating a wintry landscape! In the workshop, we will paint and draw together, using ready-made templates or painting our own pictures.

You can experience outdoor activities such as canister curling, ice games, ski games, snowshoeing, and sock walking. Bring your own socks, skates, helmets, and skis. Snowshoes are available for borrowing.

Next to the ice rink, you can roast your own sausages at the bonfire site.

Inside the hall, Perniön Urheiijat’s buffet offers delicious treats.

Welcome to spend an active Thursday at Melassuo!

The program for outdoor activities will be adjusted according to the weather conditions.

Winter Magic at Vuohensaari

Winter Magic at Vuohensaari -event on Tuesday 20.2. at 11-15.

The Winter Magic event offers something enjoyable for everyone! The program includes, among other things, ice fishing by Salon Sports Fishermen, ski jumping demonstrations, Maisa-Liisa’s mystery track, snowball fights, broom ball, snow art, sledding, and competitions. It is also possible to try snowshoeing, ice skating, and cold weather sock walking (bring your own wool socks).

The event information point is next to the Vuohensaari grill canopy.

The magical winter day is of course crowned with good food, and the Metka café buffet by the youth services will be present. There is also a possibility to grill your own sausages and other snacks at the bonfire site. Welcome to enjoy Goat Island with the whole family!

The program will be adjusted according to the weather conditions. Changes are possible.

Under the spell of mini worlds -exhibition

A shared hobby between a mother and daughter, where they create different themed miniature worlds using recycled materials.

Photo: Katja Silanto-Ruostekivi